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Day Care

Dogs are very social animals. They love to be surrounded by people and other dogs. Yet, often your furry friend is left alone for long periods of time as your busy life is filled with work, family and activities. As a result, he is not given the attention he deserves, leaving him bored, under stimulated and under socialized, often exhibiting destructive behavior and becoming very unhappy. Many furry friends suffer anxiety.

If you’re like most people, your dog is not just a pet… he’s a member of the family. So while he stays with us, we treat him like he’s part of our family by giving him the special treatment he deserves. We do not over crowd our daycare areas and if your dog is non-social, we still make sure he gets free range play time, walks and personal attention.

It’s important for your puppy’s health and development to socialize with other dogs and get daily exercise. Bon Chien’s doggy daycare is designed to help improve his socialization skills and to keep him both physically and mentally stimulated while relieving your guilt from leaving him for extended periods. 

Our daycare is a 5000 sq ft. facility that offers large playrooms for the active large dogs to run and play in and a play room for active small size dogs, a lounge for the less- active and senior dogs. Each daycare area has Kuranda beds for your dog to lounge and chill out on throughout the day.  We do limit the number of daycare dogs to avoid overcrowding, so it’s best to make a reservation, however you are still able to come on the day that you need to, as sometimes one does not know when he/she needs to leave the dog for daycare.

How about a full day of fun and luxury or elect to send your pet to BON CHIEN for a half day of doggie daycare. While your pet is with us consider booking a grooming during the time he/she is with us. Also, please visit our bakery and boutique when you drop off your pet.

Your pooch gets:

  1. Stress relief and exercise from playing with other dogs.
  2. Attention from a caring professional staff.
  3. Interaction with other dogs and people to build positive social behavior.
  4. Mental and physical stimulation

You get:

  1. Peace of mind that your puppy is safe and happy while you are busy during the day.
  2. Less destructive behavior in your home caused by boredom or separation anxiety while you are busy.
  3. Rest after a long day at work without having an anxious, energetic dog on your hands, which allows for improved quality of interaction with your dog.
  4. No guilt from leaving him alone for the majority of the day.

So treat your dog and yourself to the benefits that only BON CHIEN Pet Care Services can offer in our doggy day care facility, like NO OTHER. Come as often as you like, every day, twice a week, once a month or whatever best fits your schedule.

Requirements for Daycare:

All dogs must be spayed or neutered. We welcome unaltered puppies who have received their complete round of puppy shots to come and stay with us up until 7 months of age. Puppies 7 months of age and older must be spayed or neutered.

Prior to your dog’s first day at BON CHIEN, you need to complete a doggy daycare application, provide us with proof of current vaccinations and call us to schedule your dog’s daycare interview.  The interview consists of a temperament test and time for our us to work one on one with your dog to acclimate them to group play. This time allows us to observe your dog in a controlled small group environment to see how they will react to other dogs. Dogs that show signs of aggressive behavior or other traits that could put the other dogs or our employees at risk will not be admitted. In most cases, a dog’s overall behavior is improved by group play as well as the interaction with our trained employees. However, outside and genetic factors can sometimes lead to increased aggression and/or inappropriate behavior in dog’s who have been participating in daycare for some time. Dog’s who exhibit behaviors that cannot be reasonably controlled or modified by our staff and that pose a threat to other dogs or our employees will cause us to suspend and or expel dogs from our facilities.
At BON CHIEN, we believe our first responsibility is to the beloved dogs who use our services and products. Ensuring their safety and enjoyment is our guiding principal.



All Guests must be vaccinated against:

  • DHLPP (distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis. Parvo & Para influenza)
  • Rabies
  • Bordatella (aka Kennel Cough or Tracheo Bronchitis)


So call us at 973-248-8440 to schedule an evaluation for your pup today!

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