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We offer various training programs dependent on the needs of you and your dog or puppy. Our trainers have extensive experience in evaluating the nature of your pet and allows us to apply the proper training methods in order to achieve success, whether your dog exhibits signs of aggression or insecurity or simply needs to understand what is expected of him. We know your relationship with your dog is important to you. It’s our goal to see that you have a long and happy life together. 

We are proud to announce our relationship with The-Canine-Cure dog instructors. Anyone can say they train dogs because they have had dogs all their life or have been training for years. You would never choose a doctor who didn’t go to school for years and study his craft. Dog behavior consultants should be chosen the same way. The Canine Cure trainers  have many years of education and credentials and have a full understanding of how dogs learn, behave, and think and it’s not simply because we grew up with dogs. We have studied them for years and have the certifications and education to back that up.

Training Classes Available

Basic Obedience Group Course

Advanced Obedience Group Course

Agility & Confidence Course

Private Sessions

The Canine Cure Credentials

  • Bergin University of Canine Studies (Master of Science in Canine Life Sciences)
  • CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer)
  • ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Certification)
  • CCDT (Catch Certified Dog Trainer)
  • Studied at the Academy for Dog Trainers
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers)
  • IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants)
  • PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • Doggone Safe Member
  • Dog Training Columnist, Examiner.com
  • Shelter Volunteer
  • Public School Teacher for 20 years
  • Thousands of dogs trained

If any of these training programs sound like they’d benefit you and your dog, or if you are having problems or issues that you feel are specific to your dog, please contact us at Bon Chien  973- 248-8440 for more information to get started with your training program today, and let us do what we do “BEST”

Train you and your dog to be the “best” that you both can be!